Soft-Projekt is a developer of software packages known both in Poland and abroad for use in geology, engineering geology, geotechnics and hydrogeology. The programs, which have been purchased by many geological enterprises, mining operations and scientific institutions, are used to create documentation and to make calculations in line with all the relevant laws and standards in force.

All the individual applications cooperate with each other and produce data which may be freely exchanged between them. Information input by one of the application users may be used by all to produce, automatically or semi-automatically, all kinds of documents and drawings. The application data may be made available through a network using the ORACLE or INTERBASE databases. Hard copies of drawings and maps generated by the programs may be produced on a printer or a plotter. Drawings and maps may also be saved as DXF, WMF or EMF files, which enables their export to Word, Excel, Microstation, Autocad, Surfer, and other applications. Currently the firm offers the following software packages:

  • GeoStar to produce borehole cards and sections;
  • GeoPlan to produce maps and to make calculations;
  • a program for interpretation of CPT static soundings.

The results of work carried out in one application may be automatically exported to and used in another, e.g. a water level model created by means of GeoPlan may be put on top of a section produced with GeoStar.



51-616 Wrocław
ul. Parkowa 25
+48 (071) 3488222
specialist software packages for geology, geotechnics and the mining industry
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